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The Annual Children’s Network Conference remains one of the Inland Empire’s premier training events for professionals including those in the fields of social work, mental health, juvenile justice, child development and child welfare. The goal of this conference is to provide the latest research, findings and evidence-based promising practices that will equip local professionals to continue to serve children, families and community members throughout the County. Each year, hundreds of professionals take this opportunity to come together to enhance their education, draw strength from each other’s experiences, and look within themselves to find what keeps them doing this important work.

It is our hope that conference attendees will walk away from this experience with a renewed passion to make sure that the interactions they have every day, whether with children, families or colleagues, are positive, as we never know how they may shape the trajectory of someone’s life.

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34th Annual Children’s Network Conference
This Years Keynote Speakers

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Katie Albright

Ray (Ray-Ray) McElrathbey

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