Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health is the foundation of all future development. Early experiences in a child’s life, not only shape the architecture of the developing brain, but lay the foundation of balanced mental health. Through prevention and early intervention, Children’s Network supports and nurtures the social and emotional well-being of every child in order to reduce and/or prevent adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).

By creating safe, stable and nurturing relationships and environments for children, we are reducing the possibility of developing long term negative behavioral and social consequences, such as:

  • Mental Health Condition (ex. anxiety, depression, neurodevelopmental disabilities, autism, post traumatic stress disorder)
  • Health Conditions (ex. asthma, obesity, cancer, depressive disorder)
  • Impair School Readiness
  • Academic Achievement
  • Suspension and Expulsions
  • Socio Economic Challenges (ex. unemployment, poverty)
  • Homelessness
  • Involved in Crime/Incarceration
  • Suicide

Using a multidisciplinary approach, San Bernardino County continues to collaborate with health care, education, behavioral health and child welfare professionals within our community to support all child developmental experiences. Collectively, we identify rising issues, best practices, available services/resources, social-emotional support, as well as strategies for cultivating positive home, community and classroom culture.

It is our mission to create a resilient future for our children and communities.

Additional Resources

Please contact the Early Childhood Mental Health Services Coordinator at (909) 383-9677
for more information or to request training.