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The Inland Empire Father Involvement Coalition (IEFIC), started in 2013, is a group of community, county, and faith-based organizations, collaborating and pooling resources, services, and expertise to reduce father absenteeism and support father engagement.

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We do this by providing:

  • Education opportunities, father’s day breakfasts, fatherhood conferences and ongoing parent education through fatherhood programs in the community.
  • Support services that are coordinated, accessible and father-friendly.
  • Outreach to develop partnerships and promote positive images of fatherhood through media (i.e. social media, live streaming advertisements and bus ads).
  • Evaluation of our program’s outcomes and identification of best practices for father engagement.

The Inland Empire Father Involvement Coalition represents a collaborative effort between community, county and faith-based organizations, systemically addressing these issues and barriers.  It takes a collective impact approach to reduce father absenteeism and to improve the image of fatherhood in our communities.

Fatherhood Summit

On the left side, a temporary image stating that Fathers are irreplaceable.
On the right side, a temporary image stating that Fathers are irreplaceable.

Fathers are irreplaceable.   June is Fatherhood Awareness Month.

About the Fatherhood Summit

Presented by Children’s Network through the Inland Empire Father Involvement Coalition, the Inland Empire Fatherhood Summit is a celebration of fatherhood. The Summit aims to educate and encourage agencies to increase efforts on father engagement and normalize father involvement within systems. We aim to do this through inspirational keynote presenters, topical workshops addressing the specific needs of fathers and their families. Having the right information, support, and services can make a world of difference when you are a father today. At this year’s summit, we will continue to seek to engage our professionals through keynote speakers and workshops so that we all are speaking the same language and engage fathers and families holistically in our efforts to create a father friendly Inland Empire.

Tool Box Tips for Dads

Resources & Tips for Professionals

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Please contact the IEFIC Coordinator at (909) 383-9677 for more information or to request training.